Junior Hockey

A.I.S.C. welcomes all junior players to another fun and exciting season of junior hockey in 2018.

Team Lists for 2018 – PDF

Fun Sticks Grade Coordinator: Deepak Rama, Bhavna Rama

Fun Sticks Teams (School year 1 & 2)

Fun Sticks Beginners (Minis)

AISC Kika,  Coach: Sandeep Patel, Vijay Patel

Fun Sticks Advanced (Minis)

AISC KC Patel,  Coach: Deepak Rama, Manager: Bhavna Rama

Mini Sticks (D6), Grade Coordinator: Sanjay Soma

Mini Sticks Teams (School year 3 & 4):

AISC Keshaw,  Coach: Vinay Patel, Manager: TBC
AISC Kanji,  Coach: Sanjay Rama, Manager: Gabrielle Hamilton
AISC Lala, Coaches: Natalie Walker, Vijay Lala, Manager: Sadhana Lala

Kiwi Sticks (D8), Grade Coordinator: Sanjai Patel

Kiwi Sticks Teams (School year 5 & 6):

AISC Pancha – Coaches: Senior Players, Manager: Karina Govind
AISC VB Patel – Coach: Raj Jeram (& Manager)
AISC Kesry – Coaches: Sanjai Patel, Satya Patel (& Manager)

Kwik Sticks (D11), Grade Coordinator: Raju Bhana

Kwik Sticks Teams (School year 7 & 8):

AISC Daji – Coach: Vinod Soma, Manager: TBC
AISC Parbhoo – Coaches: Raju Bhana, Kaushik Patel, Manager: TBC

School Year Grade Name
Training Times
Approximate Game Times (Saturday)
Years 1 to 2 Fun Sticks Wednesday
5:45 to 6:45pm,
Avondale College Gym  (Fortnightly from
9th May 2018)
Session starts at 8am
Years 3 to 4 Mini Sticks Wednesday
5:45 to 6:45pm, 
Avondale College Gym  (Fortnightly from
2nd May 2018)
8am and 8.50am
Years 5 to 6 Kiwi Sticks Wednesday
6:00 to 7:00pm, Avondale (Weekly from
April 2018)
8.50am, 9.40am and 10.30am
Years 7 to 8 Kiwik Sticks Monday
7:00 to 8:00pm,
Avondale (Weekly from
March 2018)
10.30am, 11.30am or 9.40am, 10.40am, 11.40am

Respect of the rules and of others is very important to A.I.S.C. Coaches and parents are expected to adhere to fair play principles in their interactions with umpires, other teams and themselves.

The Club encourages players to play to the best of their ability, and ensures that the efforts of each individual Junior player are always acknowledged.